Academies have a wide range of policies and procedures, developed following statutory and regulatory guidance. They are reviewed on a regular basis by E-ACT.

Our Board of Trustees is responsible for approving statutory policies and the remainder are approved by our Executive Leadership Team.

Our policies

Behaviour, Anti-Bullying and Exclusions Policy

Capability Policy

Careers Guidance and Provider Access for Education and Training Providers Policy

Charging and Remissions Policy

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

Code of Conduct

Concerns and Complaints Policy

Curriculum Policy

Data Protection Policy

Disciplinary Policy and Procedure

Equal Opportunities Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy

Grievance Policy and Procedure

Health and Safety Policy

Pupil Premium Policy and Strategy

Relationships and Sex Education Policy

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and Learning Policy

Summer School Summary Report

Supporting Students with Medical Needs Policy

Teacher Pay Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

Paper Copies

To request paper copies of any of the information on our website (free of charge), please contact: heartlands.enquiry@e-act.org.uk

If you have any further questions please contact the main office on 0121 464 3931 and they will assist you.

Trust-wide policies

For other trust-wide E-ACT policies please refer to main E-ACT policy page which can be found at: www.e-act.org.uk/e-act-policies/.

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