Black History Month

1 November 2018

October was Black History Month and at Heartlands Academy, students from Year 10 were eager to play their part in celebrating black history.

There were presentations and book displays by Mrs Blake in the Learning Resource Centre, Caribbean food on sale in the canteen and black history was incorporated into subject lessons, as well as during the daily personal development sessions.

With the support of Mrs Blake and Miss Christie, the Year 10 students produced a PowerPoint, to deliver to the rest of the students in the academy. They looked at black role models including local heroes like Casey Bailey, as well as Jessica Ennis Hill and American actor Will Smith. The PowerPoint also looked at how the civil rights movement started and celebrated the late Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. The assemblies were delivered over the week. Naturally, the students were very nervous for the first assembly, but as the week progressed they grew in confidence. It was widely agreed by all that the assemblies and the focus on Black History Month had been a success for the academy.

Ms Christie
Deputy SENCo

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