Collecting Birmingham History Project

18 July 2017

Students from KS3 have been working with the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and language artists this term, on a history project entitled ‘Collecting Birmingham’. The results of all this hard work were displayed at the ‘Fun in the Sun’ Community Fair by students who had created their own ‘Pop Up’ museum exhibit to showcase their work.

The exhibit had a particular focus on personal stories, personal objects and photography reflecting life and changes to Birmingham over the past 50 years. It included several themes such as faith, journeys, childhood and games from different cultures. There were some fantastic objects such as: Chinese clothing, prayer mats, pieces of jewellery, Manga artwork and toys old and new. There was even an oral history listening point where students had recorded interviews with their parents about their migration to Birmingham many years ago. Each object or story has its own link with the past and the photographs were all taken within a few miles of the school and show how much has changed over time.

A local poet known as ‘Dreadlock Alien’ had been working with students on their design. He spoke with students and visitors at the ‘Fun in the Sun’ community fair to record their thoughts and comments about what Birmingham means to them. He then produced a spectacular freestyle rap using comments and feedback to close the exhibit. The students are very proud of what they achieved and hope visitors enjoyed their creation.

Mr Herron, History

The exhibit was created by:
Reagan Swapp (7EQ); Nailah Warner (7INT); Lailah Warner (7LIB); Mohammed Kadeer (7INT); Harriet Kelly (7RHWS); Yaseen Yehai (7TOL); Jawhar Chaudary (8EQ); Christina Li (8DIV); Pawlos Kobb (8LIB); Khadijah Begum (8RES); Aiman Chohan (8INT); Zech Belgrave (9 INT); Jake Gardiner (9RES); Faizaan Mirza (9TOL); Saqib Mohammed (9VAL); Khadijah Mohammed (9LIB); Paige Walsh (9LIB); Amiyah Ahmed (9EQ)

Image © University of Birmingham – Nicklin, Phyllis (1957) St. Martin’s flats, Emily Street, Highgate, Birmingham.

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