Able, gifted and talented

The provision for our most able students is overseen by a team of dedicated staff working at senior leadership, department and pastoral levels. The support and opportunities this provides for our students ensures they have an excellent learning environment, in which to fulfill their potential academically and with developing their wider skills of leadership and independence. Heartlands academy expects our most able students to act as role models to others by sharing and using their skills to inspire and motivate the academy community. Our vision is that all of our most able pupils leave the academy with the highest levels of academic achievement and as well rounded young people who will play key roles in our society.


Heartlands Academy identifies students as Able, Gifted and Talented using a variety of criteria and sources of information, in-line with current best practice guidance.

Able, gifted and talented students can be defined as those children and young people with one or more abilities developed to a level significantly ahead of their year group (or with the potential to develop those abilities). Within academic subjects, teacher’s and heads of department use their detailed knowledge of their student’s strengths and attributes to identify individuals who are able, gifted and talented within that subject. In addition to this, we identify our most able students who have a high prior achievement from their key stage 2 average point score in English and Mathematics. These students are identified as ‘High Prior Achievers’ (HPA’s).

When students are placed onto these registers as HPA’s or ‘Able, Gifted and Talented’, the students themselves are informed in school and parents are also informed through a letter sent home detailing the reasons why their son or daughter has been identified. We encourage an open communication with parents and careers to ensure all are fully engaged in supporting and ensuring the best possible outcomes for these students.

Provision within our curriculum

Our curriculum provides a broad range of activities that engage and challenge our most able students. The activities require students to think creatively, using problem solving and application of skills to ensure they excel in their subjects. We encourage group tasks to facilitate communication between students and expect that our range of pedagogy ensures our students are very well placed to move onto their next stages of education or employment.

Extra-Curricular Provision

Our students have access to an increasing number of after school clubs and activities that enable them to extend their learning and progress outside of the classroom.

Many departments offer exciting activities run by some of our most able students and these also support younger students to build their skills and self-confidence.

In addition to this, Heartlands Academy has teamed up with ‘The Brilliant Club’, an award winning organisation that aims to widen access to highly selective universities and career pathways. This provides an excellent opportunity for Heartlands to help address the large difference between pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds and those from private schooling who continue into higher education.

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