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Final Goodbye to Sixth Form

22 June 2019

On Thursday 18 June, Heartlands Academy’s final cohort of Year 13 came together for the final time to say goodbye to fellow students and staff.

The students enjoyed the music and refreshments whilst reminiscing, which for some students has been a seven year journey at the academy. The last two years at Heartlands’ Sixth Form have been both rewarding and challenging and we would like to wish all of our students the best for the future journeys they are about to embark on.

Mrs Wilkhu

On Thursday 18 June, the Sixth Form gathered for the last time for a goodbye party that for most of them was the end of seven years at Heartlands Academy. The evening consisted of takeaway Pizza and cakes, kindly organised by Balbinder Wilkhu who has been a dedicated servant of the Sixth Form, ensuring that the Sixth Form building ran like a well-oiled machine. She was held in very high regard by each and every one of the sixth form students. Bad dancing and poor quality modern music was the order of the day, but mostly it was nice to see the students come and thank their teachers for the hard work and dedication they have put in over the years.

Having got to know the sixth formers even better in their final year, I am confident that they are ready to face the new challenge that university offers. Our sixth formers of 2019 have received offers from some universities here in Birmingham and places as far away as Cardiff and Winchester. The cohort, have been highly proactive and independent students at Heartlands Academy. Their exemplary work ethic has been acknowledged by all subject teachers, who have commented on them being effective self-managers who take ownership of their own learning through reflective practice and independent research. The combination, of independent and collaborative learning has helped contribute to the success of the Sixth Form this year.

Mr Robertson
Head of Sixth Form

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