Graduation 2017

19 May 2017

Watching the class of 2017 graduate and begin to plan their next steps in life was a truly memorable spectacle.

Five years of hard work and dedication have brought them to this important day. The event began with students making a grand entrance into the hall, whilst parents, together with their Learning Manager, Miss Brown, beamed with pride. An inspirational speech was given by Adela Earlington followed by a great vocal performance from Godfrey Gayle which left the students motivated.

The performance of the night though, was by Mr Clarke who had the students on their feet dancing and cheering as they watched someone perform who has been a massive part of their time at Heartlands. Taking centre stage, he brought the house down. Everyone calmed down after that when they listened to an emotional speech by Miss Brown, which saw a few parents reaching for their tissues.

The whole evening was spent celebrating the students’ last five years at Heartlands Academy and the event wouldn’t have been such a success without the support of the parents and the class of 2017. Maybe one day we will be inviting one of the students back to give their inspirational story.

Miss Brown, Learning Manager, Year 11

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