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How Heartlands Academy is leading the Birmingham Cycle Revolution

7 July 2016

Students from Heartlands Academy have been leading the way with the Birmingham Cycle Revolution – and this week they have been demonstrating their pedalling prowess, thanks to a visit from the UK Street Velodrome.

Ahead of the launch for BikeFest 2016, the innovative pop-up track was set up in the playground and the students clamoured to test their skills on the steeply banked returns. The academy was transformed into a heart-pounding hub of cycling action with the world’s most accessible form of cycle sport on offer.

The Birmingham Cycle Revolution and BikeFest 2016 aim to bring the excitement and drama of close-action track cycling to people, making the sport more accessible and relevant.

When and where is BikeFest 2016 in Birmingham?

As a part of BikeFest 2016, the city will host a weekend of cycling action from September 18, aimed at encouraging everyone to get on their bikes and cycle to work.

Since last term, the academy has been taking a lead role in the city together with the Bikeability scheme which has enabled in excess of a hundred students to learn how to ride a bike.

Many students have then been out on led cycle tours across the city, which not only improves their confidence, but also trains them how to stay safe on the roads.

The forthcoming BikeFest in Victoria Square will showcase the positive impact sport can have on individuals and local communities by providing opportunities in town and city centres for local amateur cyclists to participate for free and on equal terms alongside professional riders.

Spectators will be able to enjoy the action for free, too, whilst watching top riders compete at close quarters in high energy, head-to-head pursuit races.

This article first appeared in the Birmingham Mail

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