NYO Inspire Orchestra

12 July 2017

On Tuesday 11th July the NYO Inspire Orchestra visited Heartlands for the second year running. They spent the day working with students in workshops across the academy, collaborating with our students in improvising and teaching about sections and instruments in the orchestra.

The day culminated with a performance from the 72 piece ensemble, of music from the classic 1950’s film On The Waterfront, with music by composer Leonard Bernstein. This was held for all of Year 7 and Year 12, and future Year 9, Year 10 and
Year 11 music students. The performance was enhanced by a series of original dramatic monologues performed by 18-year-old National Youth Theatre alum Brandon Grace, whose believable portrayal of an average secondary school pupil had Heartlands’ students craning their necks to spot glimpses of ‘the beautiful girl’. We are truly fortunate to have forged a great partnership with the NYO Inspire Orchestra and look forward to their next visit!

Mrs Ward, Head of Music

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