Attendance and punctuality

Our academy target is 97%, but students should always aim for 100% as a target for attendance.

The attendance register is taken at the start of the first session of each academy day, in every session and once during the second session.

Heartlands timings and examples of where late marks will be used:

  • AM registration = 8:30 – 9:00am (Tutor and Personal Development time).
    • Students who arrive between 8:31-9:00am are recorded as late.
    • Students who arrive after 9:01 am are recorded as absent.
  • PM registration = 1:00-1:15pm (15 mins of Lesson 4).
    • Students are late from 1:05pm.

    On each occasion the academy will record whether every student is:

    1. 1) Present;
    2. 2) Attending an approved educational activity;
    3. 3) Absent; or,
    4. 4) Unable to attend due to exceptional circumstances.

    The Academy will follow up on any absences to:

    • Ascertain the reason;
    • Ensure the proper safeguarding action is taken;
    • Identify whether the absence is approved or not; and
    • Identify the correct code to use before entering it onto the academy’s electronic register, or management information system which is used to download data to the School Census.

    Attendance Poster

    Absences are either authorised or unauthorised.

    • Authorised absence is where the academy has either given approval in advance for a student to be out of the academy or has accepted an explanation offered afterwards as satisfactory justification for absence.
    • An absence is classified as unauthorised when a student is away from the academy without their permission. Therefore, the absence is unauthorised if a student is away from the academy without good reason, even with the support of a parent.
    • Academy staff are legally in loco parentis and therefore must know where the students are during the academy day. Students are not allowed to leave the premises without prior permission from the academy.
    • Whenever possible, parents/carers should try and arrange medical and other appointments outside of the academy day.
    • Parents/carers are requested to confirm, by letter, email, or telephone call, the reason for any planned absence, the time of leaving, and the expected return time.
    • Students must be signed out on leaving the academy and be signed back in on their return at the student reception.
    • When a student is being collected from the academy, parents/carers are to report to the academy reception before the student can leave the site. If a student leaves the academy site without permission and we are aware of it, their parents/carers will be contacted.
    • With effect from September 2013 the government abolished the right of Headteachers to authorise absence specifically for holidays of up to 10 days per year if special circumstances existed.
    • The headteacher is only allowed to grant a leave of absence for any reason if they are satisfied exceptional circumstances exist.
    • If the academy declines the request for term time leave, then a request may be made to the Local Authority to issue a Penalty Notice to each parent, for each child. This is a £60.00 fine per-parent if paid within 21 days and £120 if paid after 21 days but within 28 days.

    Attendance rewards

    • Students with a weekly attendance of 100% are awarded ‘Good News’ points and tokens that can be redeemed in the academy.
    • Rewards Assemblies are held at the end of each term. The assembly is led by the headteacher and invites parents and carers to celebrate achievements in progress.
    • Praise breakfasts are awarded to students with excellent or improving attendance each half term.
    • Praise is given to the students and staff of the year group with the highest percentage attendance and most improved attendance in tutor time and in assemblies .
    • Individual attendance rewards, such as postcards home are offered to students achieving attendance significantly higher than the academy average or showing improvement.
    • Outstanding attendance is the expectation for all students who want to attend events such as the Year 11 Prom and academy reward trips.
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