The academy uniform is an important aspect of student appearance. Students are expected to wear the correct uniform at all times during the day when travelling to and from the academy and for educational visits.

The academy has its own black physical education kit with logos and all students are required to wear a tracksuit, shorts or skirt, a polo shirt and PE socks together with any suitable trainers.


The Heartlands Academy uniform can be purchased from Gogna Schoolwear on Rookery Road, B21 9QU, or at one of their sale days held at the academy during the summer holiday.

The Heartlands Academy physical education kit can be purchased from Liss Sport Ltd online.

To order your academy uniform online, please click here.

To order your physical education kit online, please click here.

Academy uniform

  • black blazer and jumper, both embroidered with the academy logo
  • white shirt
  • academy tie
  • black tailored trousers or black skirt (knee length or longer)
  • black, grey or white socks
  • smart plain/conventional black shoes
  • tights, if worn, must be plain black or natural
  • plain black headscarf (optional)
  • plain black hair accessories (optional)
  • bags must be plain black, grey or navy without large logos or other designs
  • coats must be neutral colours, such as plain black, grey or navy

Uniform ordering information

Items not permitted:

  • jewellery, except for one small stud earring in each pierced ear
  • make-up/nail varnish/extensions
  • casual shoes, trainers, boots, or stilleto heels
  • accessories
  • jeans, casual trousers etc.
  • extreme haircuts, tramlines, unnatural hair colours
  • shaved patterned eye brows
  • coats should be a plain, single colour (no bright colours), with no logos (coats and hats must not be worn inside the academy building)
  • bags – including PE bags – should be a plain, single colour (no bright colours)

Physical education kit


  • Heatlands Academy branded black Nike full-zip tracksuit top
  • Heartlands Academy branded Nike tracksuit bottoms
  • Unbranded polo shirt
  • black football socks (optional)
  • black shorts (optional)
  • raincoat (optional)
  • trainers

PE kit information

PE kit order form

How to order your PE kit

For students studying Cambridge National Sports Studies, you can order your Cambridge National PE kit here.

Uniform Statement

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