Parlez-vous bien Français?

12 June 2019

On Saturday 8 of June at 5:00 am, 36 students and six members of staff from Heartlands Academy made their way to France on an
educational trip for four days.

Students had the opportunity to explore a number of cultural, historical and artistic landmarks in Paris, including the Eiffel Tour, The Louve and Notre Dame. The exciting cruise trip on the Seine riverwas an exceptional way to explore the city.

Our students had the opportunity to listen and use their French in real life, either while asking for specific things or shopping. In addition, they took part in E-language activities to enhance their linguistic skills outside the classroom. This has definitely helped with their socio-emotional growth, team work, independence and being responsible.

On the Tuesday, students explored the two amazing sections of Disneyland and were able to experience another level of adventure, fun and excitement.

The accommodation ‘the European ouest campus’ offers excellent facilities including football play grounds, where students had the opportunity to compete against their teachers and enjoy winning!

From the first minute we met on the Saturday, until our return on the Wednesday, the students’ behaviour was exemplary and they were a real credit to Heartlands Academy and their parents.

They were very positive, punctual with timing, they looked after each other and followed staff’s instructions.

Students believe that this trip was extremely important in giving them the chance to build character and develop their resilience, as well as grow in confidence and adapt to different social situations. There is evidence that the knowledge and skills gained from such an exciting trip simply cannot be taught inside the traditional classroom setting.

It was without any doubt a unique and rewarding learning experience for students, even though they were so tired when they got back home on the Wednesday evening.

Mme Smith

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