How to apply for a place

Heartlands Academy has the capacity of 120 students.

Once you have decided you would like to apply, the first thing to do, is complete an application form and the top section of the reference form, both of which can be downloaded below. Alternatively, you can apply via UCAS progress.

Do not worry if you are not yet totally sure which courses you would like to take, simply indicate those, which you are most interested in. You will not need to make any firm choices until your interview. Final decisions will be made at enrolment, which takes place after publication of your GCSE/BTEC results.

Also, complete the top section of the ‘Student Reference Form’ which is also included with the application form. Then pass it to your tutor, for them to complete the other sections. Your tutor will then need to return it to the Heartlands Academy Sixth Form. A reference will be required before any interviews can talk place.

Following the receipt of your application and reference, we will contact you with an invitation to interview.

This written letter will also give details about enrolment which will take place after GCSE/BTEC results are published. It is at this time that subjects and courses will be fully confirmed. Studies will then commence in the September.

We look forward to receiving your application.


Applications and enquiries to:

Mr D Ewart – Head of Sixth Form

Heartlands Academy Sixth Form
Francis Street
B7 4JR

Tel: 0121 675 3796

Admission criteria

Priority is given to applications from students enrolled at Heartlands Academy who meet the entry criteria

Waiting lists and appeals

Parents whose children have not been offered their preferred school will be informed of their right of appeal.

Appeals are administered by the Local Authority for this academy. Parents who wish to appeal against the decision to refuse their child admission should contact the Children’s Information and Advice Service on: 0121 303 1888 to request an appeal form. Appeals will be heard by an independent panel.

Children will also be added to the academy’s waiting list in accordance to the over-subscription criteria. The waiting list will be kept until January 2018.

For the DfE’s admissions appeals code click here.

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