Life in the sixth form

Above and Beyond

To their continued credit, Heartlands Academy Sixth Form students also excel within the community. The sixth form’s ‘Team Reality’ took part in the Envision Community Apprentice Challenge, competing against 30+ schools across Birmingham. They were crowned champions at the end of the process.

Two other students have also given a speech at the Conservative Party Conference. The sixth form football team have been named District Champions in the recent past and a number of Heartlands Academy Sixth Form Law students gave a political interview on BBC Radio 5 Live.


We offer a wide range of work experience placements tailored to the individual ambitions of our students and ensure that the balance between academic rigour and enrichment is maintained through two years of intense study.

Every year, a selection of our students enrol onto externally led initiatives with the aim that unrivalled experience can be sought within a variety of educational and employment environments. The Year 12 cohort of 2016-2017 took part in the following programmes to name but a few:

  • Aston Media School Programme – Coordinated in conjunction with Aston University.
  • The Nuffield Research Project – Supported by Coventry University.
  • Oxford Brookes Subject Placements experiences – Delivered by Oxford University.

Sixth Formers as Role Models

Sixth Form students are expected to participate in the wider life of the academy. This could include assisting in lessons by mentoring younger students to help with the smooth running of the Learning Resource Centre. Opportunities such as these provide excellent content for the UCAS process or employment applications.

E-ACT National Awards

Our Academy Trust, E-ACT, hold an annual awards ceremony where students can receive awards in recognition of outstanding achievement.

Heartlands Academy Sixth Form were extremely proud to learn that this year, one of our Year 13 students, Aleema was the overall winner for Outstanding Academic Achievement 16-17. She received her award at the inaugural E-ACT Pupil Celebration event at the Town Hall in Birmingham.

Aleema was nominated by the Head of Sixth Form, Mr Ewart for a number of reasons: from her kind and thoughtful demeanour towards all of her teachers and peers to the exceptional ‘working at’ grades she has gained over the past two years.

Your tutor

An essential facet of your sixth form experience. Your tutor will be your first port of call for any queries or issues you may be experiencing. They will also conduct regular learning conversations with you focussing on your progress, punctuality and attendance as well as providing invaluable advice and assistance on how to maximise your potential. Your tutor will also be writing your UCAS reference. Get to know them, so they can get to know you!

Positive collaboration with parents and guardians

We believe that a strong and progressive relationship with all parents and guardians is key in helping students achieve their maximum potential. It is for this reason that we are in constant contact with home, regarding all issues, good and bad! You will also receive a detailed report on your progress, attendance and punctuality once year, where parents and guardians are also invited to Heartlands Academy, to discuss your current levels of attainment with subject staff.

Dress Code

Students are expected to be in formal business dress / office wear when attending Heartlands Academy Sixth Form.Formal dress code is becoming more common place at many sixth form establishments, as it fosters a more mature attitude from students and is in keeping with a business like setting. The dress code is not a uniform and is open to a variety of interpretations, which students are encouraged to embrace. However, there are some basic requirements which all students are expected to adhere to.

  • A suit or jacket with a shirt and tie or a blouse.
  • Trousers or smart chinos providing they are not of a cut or style similar to that found in jeans.
  • A dress or skirt no shorter than 2” (5cm) from the top of the knee, which is an appropriate length for a school environment.
  • Smart religious dress is also encouraged.


All students are expected to be at the academy in time for registration at 08:30 AM.

There are a total of six lesson periods each day with a 15-minute break in the morning and a 35-minute lunch break at 12:15. The day ends at 16:10.

The sixth form timetable is generally lighter than at Key Stage 4. There are some independent study periods during the week, which are not dedicated to subject teaching. During these times, students are expected to conduct their own private study within the sixth form building. However, there are also occasions when the pastoral team deem it beneficial for a student to have individually tailored study time. These are known as Directed Independent Study Periods (D.I.S.P), and will be timetabled sessions, where there is an expectation to attend.

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