Stock Market Challenge at PWC

28 June 2017

To begin the Stock Market Challenge activity, a group of Heartlands Year 9 students arrived at PwC eager to find out more and they were ready for a challenge!

They were challenged to become stock market traders working on behalf of a client. After researching six companies and considering the client’s desires and ethics, each team collectively decided where and how much of their client’s cash to invest. Breaking news affected the share prices of the companies leading to both profits and losses for the traders.

After three rounds of trading, each team presented their investment portfolio to a panel of judges, comprised of expert volunteer employees from PwC.

The presentations revealed that the teams had analysed the informatio brilliantly and made calculated
decisions collectively. Where bigger risks had not brought the results hoped for, the students excelled at staying positive and aimed high to make sounder investments next time. The volunteers from PwC were impressed with every team; not only were they incredibly successful traders, making huge amounts of money for their client, but more importantly, they demonstrated fantastic enterprise skills.

Mrs Blackham

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