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Students Raise Money for the Children of Yemen

26 June 2019

In Heartlands Academy’s commitment to charity, the academy has committed to raising money for world, national and local charities.

Over the last two weeks, Heartlands’ new Year 11 students have planned, prepared and put together a charity football match to raise money for UNICEF in support of the Yemen Crisis.

The Year 11 students have worked extremely hard on raising awareness of the crisis in Yemen. Through assemblies, collecting donations during tutor time, break time and selling ice lollies at half time during the match.

We have raised just over £100! We are extremely proud of the enthusiasm and commitment of these students. At Heartlands we are proud to support world organisations who without our continued support would not be able to help countries in crisis.

On Friday 5 July, the Charity ambassadors in Years 8, 9, and 10 also organised and ran a bake sale. Every cake was sold by 1:30pm!

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